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The fact that we don't know how something can be done does not mean we are smart or right to say "it's impossible". The fact that experts says so doesn't mean they're right!
"Nothing is impossible"
I have to proudly say that have cut that giant word "IMPOSSIBLE" out of my dictionary. I have more than one reason to do that. Now, let me also warn you against this dangerous and destructive force on earth called "Negative thinking experts". Just because some negative thinking experts says " I can't imagine it" that doesn't mean someone, somewhere, sometime, cannot and will not be able to " Imagine the unimaginable " and amazingly, accomplish it.
Too often progress has been halted, obstructed and delayed by persons who use that word "IMPOSSIBLE". If in your mind or you have heard that the idea has been tried by many but has failed. Try and find out when, how, where and who tried it. Then try to review their work. Don't just use that word "impossible"
 Now let me tell you what happens, when you use that word "IMPOSSIBLE".
---- Thinking stops----
---- Progress halts----
---- Doors slam shut----
---- Project are abandoned----
---- Dreams are discarded----
---- The brightest and best of creative brain cells turn off and stays calmly in the mind----

Now let's find out what happens when these magic words "IT MIGHT BE POSSIBLE, I DON'T KNOW HOW OR WHEN BUT IT MIGHT BE POSSIBLE are uttered loudly "
---- Buried dreams are resurrected---
---- Dusty files are reopened---
---- Telephones start ringing---
---- Computers light up---
---- New budget are revised and adopted---
---- Factories are retooled and reopened---
---- New product appears---
---- New markets open---
---- The recession ends---
Finally, a great new expansion, prosperity and adventure is born. 

Let's take for an example the issue of the first man to walk on the moon, the French tried it for Nineteenth years but gave up just because there were still having that negative thinking that its might not be possible. The Americans gave it a tried, Walter Burke who was a president of McDonnell aircraft corporation at that time, as an engineer gave that thought that " a big problem was never a one single problem" so he asked himself WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENT PROBLEMS THAT ALTOGETHER COMPRISES THE MAIN PROBLEM?
He carefully divided the problem into twenty problems and tackle them one after the other. Till he reach the point where he had one problem left. He now use all his energy on that problem and in a matter of time he cracked it! 

Well, of course, the rest is history. Neil Armstrong in 1969 became the first man to walk on the moon. Can you now see the result of positive thinking--- An impossible and unimaginable thing by the French became very possible and imaginable to the Americans.

    To be honest with you, you just need to think bigger, work harder, have more faith and self-confidence, dare to begin, have a positive mental attitude, Never quit, Be patients, stop being stubborn, be courageous and practice humility.  God will move in, mountains will move, great things happen when man and God confront mountains. There is always a miracle around every corner. 

What appeared impossible yesterday might be possible today. What appears impossible today might be possible tomorrow. That's because every day new techniques are discovered. That is why that Giant word should be slay from your vocabulary and mouth. Don't ever forget that a bend in the road is not the end of the road. You just have to believe that nothing is IMPOSSIBLE then you will be free to see the solutions! Look around the corner, keep going! Don't give up. Love you.

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