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About us

Hi cuties, my name is Emediong Etim, A blogger of Teenagersdiary. I gave that name teenagersdiary because i wanted to encourage teenagers on the secret behind success, relationship, Love and lots more.
Teenagersdiary was created on 1st January 2018. It is my personal blog where I write anything that comes to my mind most especially to our future leaders(teenagers). This blog features stories (fiction and non-fictional) and poems created and written by me! I am grateful to God who has brought me this far, and to my loving parent I wouldn't have been this intelligent and skillful if not for your advice and care. And to you my wonderful, beautiful and talented readers, you all have been great and supportive. If not for your support I don't tink I will come these far and to my great blogger engineer friend Emeka you have been a great friend thanks a lot. Love you all.

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